About us

Welcome to Infinite Crystals online store

Our online store was launched in 2020, We are Khambhat, India based B2B exporter of the metaphysical crystals for the store owners, online crystal sellers, wholesale buyers and importers from United States, Canada, Europe, United Kingdoms and Australia and around so many countries in the world.

As we are in the business from our last generation and we have started our online store just now and also we are selling our products on Alibaba.

Our list of Products

Arrowheads, Healing Wands, Gemstone Pendulums, Metal Pendulums, Massage Wands, Obelisks, Tower, Angles, Skulls, Merkaba Star, Chakra Sets, Reiki Sets, Pagan & Wiccan Sets, Geometry sets, scared Geometry sets, Crystal Points, Puffy Hearts, Pyramids, Shiva Lingums, Shiva Eyes, Spheres, Runes sets, Jap Malas, Conical Pyramid, Energy Generators, Bowls, Bracelets, Pranic Disintegrator, Worry Stones and many other customize products.

Contact us for more details and orders

If you are looking for the bulk Metaphysical products and also if you have any custom requirements you can contact us on call or email details mentioned below.